New CD "NEW COOL OLD SCHOOL" coming soon

Shoji 's new CD "NEW COOL OLD SCHOOL" will be available sometime early 2016

14 fine traditional Chicago blues tracks, featuring some of the greatest blues artists, Eddy Clearwater, Willie Buck, Katherine Davis, Milwaukee Slim, Erwin Helfer and more. recorded in 2015


NEW COOL OLD SCHOOL was recorded in June and July 2015 in Chicago.

Eddy Clearwater
Willie Buck
Katherine Davis
Milwaukee Slim
Erwin Helfer
Sumito “Ariyo” Ariyoshi
Rie “Lee” Kanehira
Billy Flynn
Gerry Hundt
Harlan Terson
Marty Binder
Mark Fornek
Grant Kessler


Here is a quote from CD's liner notes.

"When I booked the studio and invited the musicians, there was no “song list”. I simply asked everybody to sing and play music as if we were at one of the blues clubs in Chicago having fun as we always do.  We had a great time in the studio and kept recording one song after another. There were no second takes and almost no overdubs. After three days of sessions, we ended up with over forty tracks of high quality Chicago blues songs.

The hardest part of making this CD was to pick only fourteen tracks!

I invite you to close your eyes and enjoy the music by true Chicago blues masters. Imagine that you are at a small neighborhood bar in Chicago sitting down with friends, listening to the blues. "

Shoji Naito


Design by Grant Kessler

Produced by Shoji Naito


Posted on November 30, 2015 .