Shoji Naito (pronounced "Show-G Night-O") is a fine blues musician based in Chicago, plays traditional style blues guitar, harmonica and bass.  

A long time member of Eddy Clearwater Band, and Morry Sochat & the Special 20s.

Shoji often plays guitar or bass with Billy Branch & the SOBs.  

“ Shoji is one of the most talented and competent cats I have ever met in my entire carrier.”  
— Eddy Clearwater
“Shoji Naito is an amazing musician who authoritatively knows the delicate nuances of the Chicago blues on both the harmonica and guitar. He is also a kind and generous person, and that comes across on the bandstand. His sterling backing work for his longtime employer, the legendary Eddy Clearwater stands testament to his professional quality. Shoji can deliver a powerful Little Walter style instrumental on harmonica or flawlessly back other harmonica players on guitar, as he frequently does with Morry Sochat, or any number of great harmonica players at Joe Filisko’s advanced harmonica class at the Old Town School Of Folk Music. Whatever musical situation Shoji finds himself in, he will always rise to the occasion. I have greatly enjoyed my stage-time with Shoji Naito and I look forward to the next time we get to make music together. “
— Bob Corritore
“Shoji Naito is a Chicago Blues triple treat being one of the very most committed and accomplished Chicago Blues guitar, bass & harp players that I know.”
— Joe Filisko
Shoji was the music director for Joe Filisko's t he Sixth Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash in 2013 

Shoji was the music director for Joe Filisko's the Sixth Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash in 2013 



Shoji Naito was born and raised in Toyota, Japan. He started playing guitar and harmonica at the age of sixteen and played with local blues bands. 

Shoji moved to Chicago to study the blues in 1996.  While learning the blues in the clubs at night, he studied jazz guitar and bass at Columbia College Chicago.

During college years, Shoji experienced performing with great musicians such as John Primer, Carey Bell, Jimmy Burns, Willie Big Eye Smith, Lurrie Bell many others.


Shoji joined Eddy Clearwater Band in 2004 and started touring worldwide 

Chicago Blues Festival 2008

Chicago Blues Festival 2008

Shoji joined Morry Sochat and The Special 20s in 2005.

In May 2008, Morry Sochat and The Special 20s' CD "SWINGIN' SHUFFLIN' SMOKIN'" was released.

2008, chosen as the grand opening harmonica player at the first annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash which featured Legendary Billy Boy Arnold. 

In 2010, Morry Sochat & the Special 20s'CD "Eatin' Dirt" was released.

Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater's “Live In France At Jazz à Junas” DVD was released in 2012

2013, Shoji and Morry Sochat duo won the 2013 Chicago Blues Challenge.


Morry Sochat & Shoji Naito

Morry Sochat & Shoji Naito

2014, Shoji co-produced Eddy Clearwater's new CD "Soul Funky."

Soul Funky Cover.jpg

Shoji occasionally plays guitar and bass with Billy Branch and The Sons Of Blues.  


2014, Shoji co-produced Rie "Lee" Kanehira's new CD "The Union Meetin'"

2016, Shoji's CD "NEW COOL OLD SCHOOL" released.

 2016 New Cool Old School was nominated for 2016 Blues Blast Music Award.

2017 Shoji and his band played at 2017 Chicago Blues Festival and his set was one of "Top Twelve Picks" by WDCB 90.9FM's Leslie Keros. 

Shoji has been working as blues guitar associate with world famous Joe Filisko at Old Town School of Folk Music since 1997.  Shoji creates most of the practice tracks for Joe Filisko's teaching material.

Joe Filisko

Joe Filisko

Shoji is the creator of all the famous Shoblues Harptracks sold at . 

Shoji is the creator of all the famous Shoblues Harptracks sold at


top photo Shoji with Eddy Clearwater, Ronnie Baker Brooks and Dave Knopf

Photo taken in January 2014 by Lynn Orman/Orman Music